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Online Refills and RX Profile Access

Infinity Pharmacy’s Online Refill System is safe, secure and easy-to-use. Click on the link below to create an account and get started:

Online Refills Link (Click Here)

Please note: Once an account is created, you will have to contact the pharmacy to activate your account and complete setup. A pharmacy representative can also help you link family members to your account.

Once you have access to your RX Profile online, you will be able to:


• Request refills


• View and/or print a list of all your prescriptions along with drug information


• View and/or print a *Drug Profile List for a specific date range
  (*This list is great to give your insurance company for tax purposes.)


• View account balances and make payments


For Step-by-Step Instructions on how to create an account or to help you use the Online Refill System, click on the link below: Step By Step Instructions (Click Here)

Ready to activate your account?

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