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Your Prescription in Minutes... Not Hours!
Welcome to Infinity Pharmacy LLC. We are located in Cookeville, TN (not far from Livingston, Baxter, Sparta and Monterey, Tennessee).
We Accept... Express Scripts Insurance!!
Competency, integrity, dependability, responsiveness, and service are some of the things that you will like most about Infinity Pharmacy. We are dedicated to providing the best services to preserve and maintain patient satisfaction. Our key to success is to provide quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service in a fast, timely manner.
Our Services Include:
Drive-Thru, Compounding, Kid's Area, FREE Delivery, Gift Shop Items, Full Assortment of Over-the-Counter Medications, Vitamins / Herbal Medications, Automated Phone Service with 24-Hour Access to Refills, Online Prescription Refills, Durable Medical Equipment.
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Newest Staff Member of Infinity Pharmacy:
Zac is a recent graduate of Mercer University in Atlanta, GA where he obtained his Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. He lived in Cookeville, while he attended Tennessee Tech University for his undergraduate work. Zac grew up in Gordonsville, TN (Smith County) but has since returned to Cookeville, to work for Infinity Pharmacy.
Text and Email Notifications:
Infinity Pharmacy is now offering text and email notifications when a perscribtion is ready to be picked up. Many of our customers really enjoy this service because they do not have to take the time out of their busy schedule to call the pharmacy. If you are interested in this service, please contact the pharmacy staff. :)
FREE Rx Mail Service:
For existing customers that are outside of the Cookeville Area or those that are too busy to make it to the pharmacy, Infinity Pharmacy can mail your prescription for FREE.

Check out our latest news from Cookeville's Herald Citizen Newspaper...
Local Pharmacy Experiences Growth in Five Years
by Laura Gwinn
COOKEVILLE — Growth can be a painful experience, but a fruitful one as well.

That is how Mark Casal, Pharm D., and his wife, Roxie, feel about the growth of Infinity Pharmacy, now going into its fifth year of business.

"We have seen steady growth, but we're not complaining," Casal said. "We have a great customer base and love it."

Casal received his pharmacy degree from the University of Houston in 2002 and moved to Cookeville in 2006 to start their own business.

"My brother (Michael) is a physician here, so when he built this building, we decided to put the pharmacy here (on Neal Street)," Casal said. "This is slowly becoming a new medical district, with a lot of physicians having their offices around here."

Casal believes that the fact the pharmacy is locally owned and operated is a reason customers have stuck around.

"Getting the one-on-one interaction with their pharmacist is what they like," he said.

This could be attributed to part of their growth. A number of private pharmacies have closed recently after being bought out by the national chains and Infinity has taken on those pharmacies' customers.

"We can provide a lot that the national big chains can't," he said. "We are very flexible with pricing, offer free delivery and deliver refill confirmation through text messaging or email. We also are very fast in refilling prescriptions."

With this growth comes the need for staff to fill the prescriptions. To help with that need, Casal has invested in a robot to help.

"It's the first one of its kind in Cookeville (in private pharmacies)," he said. "The most requested prescriptions are loaded into it and when the order is put in, it dispenses the medication and it pops out, label and all. It's fast and reliable."

The robot has been in place about a month.

According to Casal, the free delivery is one of the most popular services offered.

"A lot of people might have sick kids at home or just might not be able to get out," he said. "It's not only residential delivery we offer, but we deliver to your place of work as well. We deliver to people in Algood and Baxter a lot."

Another popular service offered is a scratch-off card promotion, which initially began as a temporary thing.

With every prescription filled, a scratch-off card is given, allowing customers to win prizes -- from candy, drinks to $50 cash.

"People loved it so much, we decided to keep it," he said.

Casal also puts an emphasis on healthy living by offering free multi-vitamins for a year -- with a doctor's prescription.

"We have to keep track of them," he said.

Also offered at Infinity is compounding, the art and science of preparing customized prescription and non-prescription medications in order to meet a patient's specific needs. Not only is that service available for people, but for pets, too.

Infinity Pharmacy, located at 1080 Neal St. suite 100, is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Visit or call 931-520-1001 for more information.

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